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Solar pool heating systems can be found throughout the U.S. and world at places like military bases, recreation centers, homeowner associations, water parks, campgrounds, universities. Where ever the geographic region, months of pool heating will be added without the expense associated with full time use of fossil fuel heaters.

Solar pool heating systems typically pay for themselves in three to five years, are maintenance-free, and have a life expectancy of 20 years or more. And of course the price for solar heat will always remain the same -- free.

A fully sized solar pool heating system requires about one square foot of solar panel for each square foot of surface water. Many times the panels are installed on a south or west facing roof, but other mounting options are also available. The desired pool temperature is programmed into an automated controller, and sensors work together to communicate to the controller when to turn the system on or off, and it can even be used at night to cool pool water in excessively warm summer temperatures.

When shopping for a solar pool heating system, it’s important to evaluate the standard manufacturer’s warranty.

HELIOCOL  systems are specifically designed to prevent moisture from being trapped under the panels and to avoid “lift” in high wind or hurricane conditions. Mounting systems provide for minimal roof penetrations.

We can install one now and your family can enjoy an extended swimming season this year!


Refresh your pool deck!

We can renew your pool deck. Acrylic deck coatings and pavers are just a couple of options. Let us provide you with a quote today.


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Some families are extending the swimming season without spending money on Electricity, Propane or Natural Gas.

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